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Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor

Mit Kevlar-Technologie für maximale Widerstandskraft und ruhiges Abrollgeräusch

Wrangler Silent Armor is Goodyear's newest truck tire for both on- and off-road driving and is designed to complement your truck by providing rugged toughness, while delivering a smooth and quiet ride. Not only is this tire tough enough to get the job done, it's built to do it quietly. Premium on-/-off-road tire that helps deliver great traction and ruggedness. This tire emulates the hard-working capability of your truck, providing strength and toughness, as well as a smooth, quite ride.

Not every Wrangler gets to wear the SilentArmor Technology shield. The key to SilentArmor Technology lies just beneath the tread. Two high-tensile steel belts and a layer made with KEVLAR®, a material that's, pound for pound, five times stronger than steel, helps to give this tire its toughness.

The same layer made with KEVLAR® also acts as a barrier to help absorb road noise for a smooth, quiet, comfortable ride.

Dimension Preis
245/75 R17  110T F / E / 73€ 216,90
275/60 R20  114T F / E / 74€ 301,80

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