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Michelin X-Ice Xi2

Safe stopping in icy conditions

The X-Ice Xi2 is Michelin's Studless Ice & Snow winter tire developed for the drivers of coupes, sedans and family vans that want to combine enhanced ice and snow traction with predictable wet and dry road handling.
Most X-Ice Xi2 tires meet Michelin's Green X standard* for low rolling resistance that confirms the tire's contribution to reducing vehicle fuel consumption and emissions of CO2 gases.
The X-Ice Xi2 is designed to tackle the coldest winter driving conditions around the world.

Dimension Preis
235/65 R17 XL 108T B / F / 68€ 156,00
255/50 R19 XL 107H B / F / 71€ 325,40
255/55 R18 XL 109T B / F / 71€ 344,00
285/60 R18  116H B / F / 71€ 260,20

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